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Our history:

The Bahrain Aluminium Extrusion Company (BALEXCO), was established in 1977 as the first aluminium extrusion Plant in the Arabian Gulf. With the main activity of producing aluminium extrusion products, BALEXCO took the lead in the region, in the production of high quality extrusions and systems, used mainly as aluminum doors, window frames and other products that are required in the construction industry.

The establishment of BALEXCO was one of the pioneering developments in the history of the Aluminum industry in the Middle East.

Since its establishment, BALEXCO has left a marked influence on extrusion industry. Over the years, BALEXCO has increased its capacity more than three times and expanded into markets in the GCC, Middle East, and West Asia.

To cope up with the recent developments in the aluminium industry and the increase in consumption and to meet the growing demand, BALEXCO has adopted the latest technologies in the field of production.

BALEXCO has one of the latest and the most advanced state of the art plant equipped with well-qualified and trained personnel in the Middle East. It has been a matter of pride

that the clients of BALEXCO are aware that the organization is committed to manufacture high quality products which is a result of its investment in modern technologies and the constant upgrading of its human resources in their competence and expertise in administration and technical skills. It has also been BALEXCO’s endeavor to pursue appropriate products to enhance value for our customers.

Company profile:

Bahrain Aluminium extrusion company (BALEXCo), leader in aluminum extruded profiles is set to increase the production capacities of anodizing and powder coating lines & add another extrusion press to its existing three to take advantage of the growth in the construction industry.

BALEXCo has the state of the art production facilities and currently have four extrusion lines with sophisticated equipment and technology from SMS Schloemann of Germany, Clecim of France and GiA Clecim of Spain. The new automated press which is a most modern and advanced press 4 was commissioned February 2012 has given BALEXCo the added advantage in meeting the requirements of critical and complicated profiles. The extrusion presses are capable of extruding billets ranging from 177 mm diameter to 230 mm diameter. BALEXCo has heating furnaces from Mechatherm and the ageing furnace from Elhaus.
Balexco’s Phase V expansion plan was commissioned of a new press with increased capacity of production at an estimated cost of USD 12 million. The highly sophisticated state of the art press from GiA Clecim of Spain has an installed capacity of 28 Mega Newtons force & can extrude billets /logs to a maximum of 230 mm diameter.

With the installation of the new press, Balexco is able to produce additional 9600 TPA which results in increase in production capacity of extruded aluminium by about 33 per cent, from 24,000 to 32,000 tonnes annually.

Balexco’s Chief Executive Officer Jassim Mohamed Seyadi said the expansion was aimed at meeting the growing levels of demand locally, regionally and internationally in general and the demand for Balexco products in particular. He pointed out that Balexco products are used on a large scale in many foreign projects, with 70% of the company's products exported to Gulf and Arab markets and the remaining 30% consumed by the Bahraini market.
It should be noted that Balexco has achieved steady positive revenues of between 20% and 25% over the past 5 years and that the company is the fourth largest aluminum extrusion company in MENA in terms of production today.

BALEXCO was the first extruder in the Arabian Gulf to have been accredited with the ISO certification and the company fully operates on the Quality management system which complies with all the requirements of BS EN ISO for all the activities of the organization. Quality management system is incorporated in each and every department and procedures have been drawn for strict adherence right from the procurement stage until the finished goods leave the factory.

ALBA is a major supplier of raw material billets & is only a few kilometers away in Bahrain, BALEXCO takes the full benefit of having local source and since they are a world class producer of Aluminium, this proves to be a major advantage for BALEXCO to maintain their high quality in their products. BALEXCO’s own remelt billets, elements of the Aluminium alloy viz., silicon, manganese, magnesium, titanium and other materials required for the extrusion process are all tested and come under the purview of the quality procedures.

The production parameters too are covered under this system from the stage of receipt of the press card from planning department right through the process until it is converted into a finished product after the post production processes of powder coating / anodizing or as mill finish depending upon the customer order.

Since BALEXCo believes that quality product alone will sustain in the market, there are well trained quality control personnel who ensure that quality aspects required by different customers are met in each & every batch of production thereby giving a good finished product.

The quality control lab is fully equipped with a variety of testing equipments like tensile tester, coating thickness tester, sealing tester etc to name a few. The lab also has the facility for testing pretreatment tanks before coating.

Quality control is exercised in all stages of production.The Die shop is yet another vital area for BALEXCo where Dies have to be corrected, prepared & maintained for providing a good extrusion as per the dimensional tolerances required as per standards prescribed by customers.

In 2012 the company had a turnover of approx USD 75 Million against USD 70 million in 2011.

The company generated a net profit of USD 3.76 million in the year 2012 as against USD 2.75 million in 2011. The total turnover in the current financial year the un-audited figures show that the organization has already crossed USD 41 million.

The constant upward movements of the price in the metal have led the markets performing in non uniform trends of the sales based on the forecasts made in the beginning of this financial year.

In the last four to six months the prices of the metal have been on the rise where as the demand has reduced thereby resulting in a severe competition between all the other extruders. In spite of the situation BALEXCo has been able to achieve a good sales record and post up good profits in the recent past.

BALEXCo provides technical support to the customers, fabricators & ensure that they use the right product for the right end application.

Constant rapport with the consulting engineers & architects with a view to promote the products & for effective use of the BALEXCo 100 /45 systems & BALEXCo 60 curtain wall systems in the new projects is the main focus of the company apart from providing technical sales support.