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BALEXCO – Aluminium systems for your lifetime

Established in 1977, Bahrain Aluminium Extrusion Company BSC, BALEXCO, is a leading Aluminium Extrusion Company in the GCC with 40 years of experience in Aluminium Extrusion and surface finishing by powder coating and anodising.  The company also offers a range of building systems designs that are aesthetically pleasing, versatile and have timeless appeal for the end user.

The company was founded to meet the increasing demand for aluminium extrusions and surface finished products in the domestic markets and regional markets for architectural and industrial products.

BALEXCO is a name recognized for its high quality as well as innovative services and products.  The company has earned the reputation in the markets that it serves as one of the most innovative productive and reliable aluminium extrusion companies in the Middle East.

BALEXCO is strategically located close to its primary billet supplier, Aluminium Bahrain - ALBA, enabling the important and steady stream of uninterrupted billet supply; which is the critical raw material for aluminium extrusion.

From its inception in 1977, BALEXCO, has always been progressive by constantly investing in upgrading its production facilities to meet the ever growing demands of its customers and meet the increasing quality standards and expectations that apply within the industry.  This is a trend that will continue to keep the company abreast of the latest available technology within the aluminium extrusion and surface finishing industry.

With the clear aim to remain a leader in the aluminium extrusion industry, the company provides a comibination of innovation, business know-how and cost effectiveness.  BALEXCO works closely with its customers and clients to develop new applications and create added value culture for products and services.  The focus is on creating and building customer satisfaction as well as product diversity and innovative services for its customers and to expand into new profitable markets for the company.

BALEXCO is and will remain the accessible aluminium extrusion company for all its current and future customers to ensure the highest quality of products and services are supplied.

Mohamed Mahmood Mahamed
General Manager