Unique solution systems
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BALEXCO offers a wide range of architectural products, including BALEXCO 60 – 100 – 45/45i, for building homes. These products are designed for:


  • water leakages are prevented.
  • Its air – tight systems provide insulation from noise.
  • Thermal products are heat – resistant.


  • Products are elegantly designed.
  • Products are available in various colours and shades to complement one's interior décor


  • Products are made of state – of – the art accessories.

Peace of mind:

  • Products are tested to the most rigid quality standards.

Specifications from BALEXCO provide advice and assistance to home owners, enabling them to use these products in accordance with their requirements. Continuous innovation ensures that the products are up-to-date with the latest trends.

Low maintenance:

  • Products require little or no maintenance just wipe the product with a damp towel as required.