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To maintain good service levels and to meet the requirements of small fabricators BALEXCO provides the required profiles from the stock that is maintained at Salmabad.

The stock of most popular profiles that are used in the market are available at all times. The stocks get replenished in regular intervals and therefore there is no dearth of small quantities. Besides the profiles, a package of accessories and gaskets also are available as stock which provides the customer to choose from the varieties that are available.

Stock of profiles are generally kept in full length of 6 metres and depending upon the requirement they could be provided.

A few of the accessories are also provided as extruded aluminium profiles so as to enable the user to get a better benefit out the package.

BALEXCO retail outlet is fully equipped with full fledged team of trained staff handling the operations and is headed by a senior sales person.

BALEXCO retail outlet Salmabad also has a display of a wide variety of all the samples which BALEXCO produces and customers who wish to see the samples of BALEXCO profiles , window and door systems, Curtain wall systems could visit the showroom to have a look and get an idea of the product.

Contact Person : S. Mohamed Al Wedai

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