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Mr Jassim Mohd Seyadi – Chief Executive Officer and Mr Garry Martin – Plant Executive Manager attended the Aluminium China Exhibition at Shanghai in July 2015.  Aluminum China is a major yearly  international aluminium  exhibition focusing on the extrusion industry.  The exhibitors at exhibition included major suppliers to the aluminium extrusion industry for products and services; such as extrusion presses, handling systems, ancillary equipment for heating dies and billet to operating temperature, suppliers of extrusion dies for productive extrusion,  measuring equipment for extruded profiles etc .

The exhibition also provided a significant  opportunity for business networking to meet existing contacts as well as developing new contacts that work in support of the aluminium extrusion   industry. The photo shows Mr Seyadi centre and Mr Martin,on the right, at the exhibition meeting with a representative Mr Thomas Oberweger,   from Hertwich Engineering - part of the SMS Group in Germany .This discussion included support for the processes at Balexco  as well as new developments in the production and recycling  of aluminium  extruded profiles