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BALEXCO has recently replaced the burner for the powder coating curing oven.  The old burner was installed in 1995 and was two stage mechanically controlled burner.

BALEXCO being an energy conscious organization has always been keen in investing to improve energy conservation and to stay updated with the technological advancement in the industry.  Environmentally, this new burner also positively contributes to lowering emissions which impacts the climate in addition to improving the safety aspects for production and maintenance personnel.

The newly installed state-of-the-art burner provides optimum combustion figures continually with the assistance of PLCs and electronic controls offering digital combustion management for a precise fuel dosing control.  This enhances the efficiency of the combustion by 3-5%, hence saving on gas consumption and reducing the environmental impact of our powder coating process.

The burner is equipped with a display unit that is connected to the combustion management unit resulting in more user friendly burner for the operators.  This will allow them to adjust the setting to ensure ideal parameters are obtained to get best quality results and providing advance diagnotic tool which will minimize the downtime of the burner.