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Bahrain Aluminium Extrusion Company - BALEXCO organized an 'Effective Supervisory Skills' course for the following employees :

1. S. Mohd Ahmed Al Wadei - Sales & Marketing

2. Zaid Ali Daoud Ali Abuqubu - Packing

3. S. Habib Abbas Marzooq - Maintenance

4. Salman Maki Ahmed Tarif - Surface Treatment

5. Hasan Jameel Merza Alanjawi - Central Stores

6. Moosa A. Ridha Yaqoob - Surface Treatment

7. Huda Mahdi Khalil Ebrahim - General Management

8. Zahra A. Aziz Ali Hasan - Finance & Accounts

This course is aimed to clarify the role a supervisor plays as a vital part of management. It covers the functions and responsibilities of the supervisor, and gives employees the opportunity to practice the key competencies and skills required of the effective supervisor.  Emphasis of the course is placed on the individual's ability to make a difference to their staff irrespective of senior management or organizational problems.  Employees are encouraged to see their role as one of leader, guide, counsellor and coach, not as an old-fashioned authoritarian style of manager.