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“BALEXCO received a visit on Monday 18th January 2016 from the technical specialist of one of its major dies suppliers Eroga Die Co Ltd in England. The picture shows the representative Mr. Vaseem Mohammed from Eroga with representatives from BALEXCO’s extrusion and die maintenance departments including Mr. Garry Martin, Plant Executive Manager, along with Mr. Binu Cherian, Asst. Manager-Production, Mr Mustafa A. Rasool Alaliwat, Senior Officer Die Shop, Mr. Abusufiyan Abdus Samad, Senior Die Corrector and Mr. Abdul Raheem Mohammed, Die Corrector.

The visit is part of BALEXCO’s ongoing commitment to work closely at a technical level with its key suppliers of consumables, such as extrusion dies, to improve the overall performance and efficiency in the operation and gain knowledge of the latest trends within the aluminium extrusion industry at a technical level. Mr.Vaseem was complementary of the processes being followed in the die maintenance department to ensure the performance and life of the extrusion dies as well as the standard of housekeeping (5S approach) and safety practices being followed.”