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Kautec awarded BALEXCO modernisation contract

BALEXCO (Bahrain Aluminum Extrusion Company) has since its inception in 1977 been a leading company in the manufacture of aluminium extrusions. It has been a matter of pride that the clients of BALEXCO are aware that the organisation is committed to manufacture high quality products, as a result of its investment in modern technologies and the constant upgrading of its human resources in their competence and expertise in administration and technical skills. The business aims to provide solutions for homes, offices, industrial and other applications using aluminium extrusions and related technology. It has always been BALEXCO’s endeavor to pursue appropriate products to enhance value for its customers, and that driver has crystallised a really important project for the full modernization and automation of the existing lines in the plant in Manama. The modernisation project has been awarded to Kautec Solutions of Girona in Spain, which has a team with over 20 years’ experience in the aluminium extrusion sector.

The company designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of equipment for extrusion processes, including equipment for the improvement and optimization of existing machines, the transfer of machinery in complete installations and the supply of replacement parts as well as undertaking turnkey projects. The knowledge of Kautec Solutions in thisfield has enabled the company to become one of the market leaders, with experience in the modernization of all types of extrusion presses from Europe to Asia. The contract Ever since the company was founded, the main goal of Kautec Solutions has been to provide technical support to companies involved in the extrusion business. Kautec Solutions has scheduled the assistance at BALEXCO with a specific and detailed plan and schedule that will allow the full revamping and automation of the three extrusion lines without any total stop in the general day-to-day production of the company.

On completion BALEXCO will achieve a higher level of productivity and optimisation on the lines, reducing labour cost, reducing scrap percentages, and most importantly obtaining a high reliability on the equipment, reducing shutdowns and maintaining dead cycle time to its minimum level. With a capacity of 33,000 tpy, BALEXCO is presently equipped with four extrusion lines, a powder coating line, an anodising line, recycling and casting facility, waste treatment unit and a special fabrication centre. The company is planning in addition to install a new advanced vertical powder coating line.

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