BALEXCO – Aluminium systems for your lifetime

Bahrain Aluminium Extrusion Company (Balexco) continues to remain as an outstanding company in manufacturing of aluminum extrusions since 1977 when they came into commercial production. Currently the production capacity has crossed a record 33,000 Metric ton annually.

It’s a matter of pride for Balexco that the clients are aware that, Balexco as in the past, is committed to manufacture high quality products, which is a result of its investment in modern technologies and the constant up-grading of its Human resources in their competence and expertise in administration and technical skills.

Balexco’s Phase V expansion plan commissioned highly sophisticated new press from GiA Clecim of Spain with increased capacity of production. Balexco is able to produce additional 9600 TPA which result in increase in production capacity of extruded aluminium by about 33 per cent.

Balexco has recently installed a state of the art fully automated Anodizing plant with latest Italian technology. Plant has an installed capacity of 5000 Metric ton per annum. Currently operational for producing attractive shades combination of bronze and black according customer requirements as well as we have a wide range of standard shades.

BALEXCO’s endeavor to pursue appropriate products to enhance value for its customers, and it has crystallised an important project for the full modernization, automation and up gradation of the existing three presses of its plant for having higher level of performance.

Balexco believes that its Human resources as its main assets and preserves it by encouraging and introducing training programs and successfully graduate from various Training Programs. We also work closely with institutes in developing programs that enrich the knowledge quotient of our Bahraini employees.

We thank our fellow shareholders and clients , for their continued trust and support which made it possible for us to continue adhering to the principles that have made an excellent choice for value investors. We know that the success of our business is based on the support of our customers, we deeply appreciate this trust and will continue to work hard every day to earn it.


Jassim Mohamed Seyadi