Anodising is a process of creating a protective film of aluminium oxide over the aluminum when direct current at the sufficient voltage is passed through an electrolyte. The aluminum acts as an anode and the suitable acid electrolyte acts as the cathode.The most commonly used electrolyte consists of Sulphuric acid dissolved in water.

When electric current is passed through, sulphuric acid starts to decompose , hydrogen is produced at cathode and negatively charged oxygen and sulphate ions are attracted towards the aluminium anode.. The electric charge in the circuit causes positively charged aluminium ions and they tend to move towards the cathode..At the anode surface the aluminium ions combine with the oxygen ions to form aluminium oxide and develop the build up of the anodic film .

Balexco commissioned a new state of art anodizing plant in November 2012. New Plant is a fully automated plant and the plant is completely designed and commissioned by the Monti Engineering of Italy. The plant capacity is 60,000 Amps, with each rectifier capacity of 15,000 Amps. The rectifier is supplied by RGB Heythekker from Germany and also electro-coloring transformer of 1000 Amps. The chemicals being used in our plant are of superior quality supplied M/s. Metachem from Germany.


Each anodizing load can take up a Maximum load of 100 m² and a minimum load of 26 m² during the anodizing process and we can anodize up to 25 Microns of anodic thickness or as desired by the customer in lower and higher range i.e 18 to 30 microns.

Our plant is equipped with 4 anodizing tanks and two coloring tanks, in which various shades of bronze and black are developed as per the needs of the customer and we have established our own standard shades.

e can anodize profiles to a maximum length of 7 meters only but maximum production is carried out on 6 mtr profiles. The section dimensions varying from 10x10 or 3x15 mm (Minimum) and 160x160 or 70x250 mm (Maximum) can be anodized in our set up. The plant designed capacity is 4500 mt/Year with different product mix.